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About Us

The Swedish Migration&Refugees Center (SMRC)
is a non-profit organization based in Sweden

Dedicated to supporting refugees and migrants

both inside and outside of Sweden

Facilitating refugees integration into host societies

Promoting integration through social connections

Commitment to addressing the diverse needs of individuals forced to leave their homes

Conflicts forced millions of people to flee their homes

SMRC strives to provide comprehensive assistance for refugees to rebuild their lives

and empower them to rebuild their lives with dignity and resilience

By fostering inclusive communities and advocating for the rights of refugees and migrants, SMRC aims to create societies where everyone can contribute to building a better future.

Our Mission

SMRC aims to address the multidimensional challenges faced by individuals forced to leave their homes, including education, employment, healthcare, language acquisition, and social integration.

Through our programs and initiatives, we seek to empower refugees and migrants with the necessary tools, resources,and opportunities to become active participants in their host societies.

Fostering understanding, empathy, and collaboration

SMRC strives to create a harmonious environment where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive and actively participate in shaping their host societies

Our Future Vision

Refugees and migrants are welcomed, supported, and integrated into host societies, becoming valued members who contribute to building strong, diverse, and inclusive communities.

We envision societies where the unique skills, experiences, and perspectives of refugees and migrants are recognized and leveraged for collective progress.

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C\O Amin Kazkaz
Bennets Väg 8 B LGH 1202
213 67 Malmö

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